Briefcase Cajon

Tukituki Instruments’ Briefcase Cajon is an exciting solution to traveling with a percussion instrument. It is designed to fit easily in the overhead compartment of low-cost airlines worldwide.  It is lightweight at around 4 kg, and has sturdy hardware to handle intrepid journeys.  So wherever you’re off to, expect a jam to happen, and be ready for it!

There is so much you can do with this drum! The top playing surface is divided into three crisp bongo tones set to different pitches using internal partitions. The bottom playing surface uses the same tapa as my double-sided Cajon box drums and has a bright drum-snare mechanism which is specifically designed so that it keeps out of the way of your valuables inside the case. Inside, there is enough room for your special items, clothing, a tablet or small laptop.

I designed this Briefcase Cajon as a travel-sized, double-sided Cajon for my cousin who traveled to Europe in June 2017 to perform at several of the Ethno music festivals.  He wanted to take as many instruments as possible and he managed to fill his Briefcase Cajon with a collection of his Taonga Puoro traditional Maori musical treasures. I use my Briefcase Cajon to transport my recording equipment when I travel.  I have a Zoom recorder, a microphone and my computer which all fit inside this wonderful Cajon box-drum along with a few extra pairs of socks 😉

With a Briefcase Cajon and a Ukulele, i can imagine traveling musicians setting up jams in airports and bus stations around the world.  Maybe even a few businessmen would trade their black briefcase for a portable drum-kit version!?

The body is made of European Birch a high quality choice for percussion instruments worldwide, inlays are of various NZ and exotic timbers, rubber feet, and solid hardware components.

Exterior Dimensions – @21cm x 30cm x 40cm

Weight – @4.1kg