Double-Sided Cajon

Featuring two playable sides. The front Tapa (playing surface) has a high quality, adjustable guitar string snare on the inside. Turn the Cajón around to access the Tri-tone Tapa, three crisp tones set to different pitches using internal partitions. There is so much you can do with this Cajón!

The front Tapa (playing surface) is made specifically for Tukituki Instruments by layering thin veneers to around 2.5mm and finishing it with a veneer of a hardwearing decorative timber. I have a range of timber veneers used on the front Tapa, but mainly I use New Zealand native Red Beech or American Walnut. The snare tension is adjusted using an allen key (supplied) on two bolts on the base of the Cajón.  This means you can get a short snappy snare sound, or a fizzy one.

The rear Tapa, glued tightly to an internal partitioned frame, is made of super-strong Birch plywood which can handle even the hardest hitting percussionist and brings out some beautifully crisp bongo-like tones. This surface is divided into three parts producing three different tones, high, medium and low.  The sections are clearly marked by inlays of NZ native timbers such as Totara and Red Beech.

The body and main structure is made from Birch, a solid and great sounding timber known for it’s tone and used widely in the building of percussion instruments.  A Tukituki Instruments logo is branded on the drum, felt floor protection pads are fixed to the base, and it has a high quality durable oil finish.